A Mysterious Fossil Found in Britain 10 Years Ago is the Brain of a Dinosaur!!!

source: twitter.com

A mysterious fossil discovered in Britain more than ten years ago was later identified as the “brains of a dinosaur” and this unusual event has become a major topic of discussion with online viewers everywhere!

The fossils were discovered by amateur scientists in the Sussex area of the United Kingdom in 2004. A research team led by Dr. David Norman of Cambridge University had spent many years analyzing the strange artifact.

It was finally determined that this fossil was in fact, the remains of a brain from dinosaur species called “Iguanodon”! Why did the brains of a dinosaur remain intact for such a long time! It seems there were some specific reasons for the “Iguanodon’s” death such a long time ago!

It got stuck in a deep swamp and died?

The brain tissue of terrestrial organisms are said to be extremely rare since they are composed of soft tissue and decompose quickly but in this case, the dinosaur appeared to have gotten stuck and drowned in a swamp so this environment of low oxygen concentration and high acidity allow these tissues to be preserved for a long period of time.

Brain fossils of dinosaurs are similar in size and scale to modern crocodiles and birds’ brains and are comparable to the size of a human fist!

It is truly a spectacular discovery and a modern mystery that has finally been solved!

source: www.cnn.co.jp