See the Heartwarming Story of a 20-Year-Old Cat Finding a Home with a New Family!!!

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The cat’s name is “Dexter” and until recently he was protected by an animal protection group called the “Best Friend Animal Society” for the past two years after being found alone and weak with malnutrition. Dexter is 20 years old and the chances of being adopted seemed to be almost impossible but the efforts of one of the society’s workers named “Jill” managed to find a new home and family for this courageous cat!

Dexter has new family at the age of 20!

“Dexter” has a friendly personality and “Jill’s” two sons quickly bonded with the feline who instantly became part of the family!
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Here is the family named “Flora” becoming close friends with Dexter!
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Such adorable and cute companions!
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Here are the two pets sleeping together while holding hands!
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Dexter is such a big cat but is such a lovable and cuddly pet with the children of the family!
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Dexter seems to always be stuck with someone in the house!
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Here is Dexter playing hide and seek.
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Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

Dexter is now 22 years old and is living a happy life with his new family!

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Dexter was so lucky to find a new life with his new family and I hope that this wonderful cat has a long and happy life!

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