See the Enchanted Beauty and Scenery of a Ring Made of Wood and Resin!!!

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You can see this ring with a pink shining flower and a miniaturized enchanted snowy scene directly inside the crystal of the ring!

This is a ring made and sold by a shop in Vancouver Canada called “Secret Wood” these unique colors and shapes are naturally created by “wood” and “resin”!

A small world made of wood and resin.

What other worlds exist inside these magical rings?

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It seems like a magical green world is somehow transmitted from inside the ring!

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It feels like a snowstorm on a snowy mountain, I start to feel cold just by watching it.

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Here is a snowy scene during the daytime which is entirely inside the ring.

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It looks like I am looking under the depths of the sea.

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This scene creates a feeling of watching a sea of clouds at the summit of a mountain.


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As the flower are added to internal worlds of the rings, the atmosphere transforms changes and it becomes more colorful and adorable.

It glows in the dark!

Some of these rings made of secret wood actually emits strange glowing lights in a dark place!


When the ring is left in a place filled with light and later is place in a dark space, the ring literally glows like an aurora!


The flowers are very conspicuous and look lovely!


These rings truly have a magically and enchanted beauty!

Fashion on your fingers!

There is no doubt that this ring will capture the attention of others if you wear this ring in public!

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You can see a small world inside the ring anytime and anywhere.

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It is also fashionable to wear the crystal as a necklace!

What did you think?

There are so many other designs, so please take a look at the website link listed below as there is also an online shop on the website.

Ring Collection Secret Wood – Official site

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