See a Touching Note on Life and Death from a Deceased Wife to Her Husband!!!


Here is a lovely photo of married couple living in the state of Mississippi in the United States named Jimmy and his lovely wife Billie. This couple were happily married for over 60 years!

Their deep love story has become a very popular topic of discussion with online viewers worldwide with the revelation of some touching note uncovered after one of them had passed away.

Letters from Heaven.

Jimmy and Billy who married in 1954 and have been living together for over 60 years.


Billy was a teacher at a public school and was always writing enthusiastic letters and notes to her husband throughout their married life. One day in 2015, 83-year-old Billie hurt her hip and complications arose during his stay at the hospital.

Jimmy visited his wife at the hospital everyday until Billie finally passed away and left her partner for heaven.

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Jimmy was devastated by the loss of his wife until he discovered a note written by Billie before her death.

▼ This touching note is here.


Do not cry because I am dead.
Smile because I lived. Know that I am in a happy place.
Know that we will meet again! I’ll see you there!

Billie’s grandson later commented on the note to the foreign media.

I do not know when Grandma wrote this, but I think it was something she wrote just for Grandpa.


Jimmy now lives with a smile as this letter of love has given him the strength to live and smile!


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Jimmy and Billie deeply loved each other and that note is a testament to living life and meeting again in heaven!

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