Watch a Clumsy and Cute Cat Fall to the Ground in a Comical and Cuddly Scene!!!

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Here is cute calico cat who has a lively character and is trying to demonstrate a feline’s superb balancing skills while trying to move along the side of a vehicle! When the clumsy kitty fails, it is simply adorable to see and enjoy!

A cat with character and personality.

▼ Navigating a narrow walking space!
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▼ Such wonderful balance is displayed by this feline!
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▼ Oops! The cat suddenly slips and falls to the ground!
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Please watch the extended video below since our cute and clumsy cat just playfully rolls around on the pavement after the comical fall!

This kitty has such an amusing personality!

▼ The cat continues to roll around on the street for no apparent reason!
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What did you think?

This episode was a delight to watch over and over again!

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