See a Swan Stroll Across a Freeway and Avoid Oncoming Traffic!!!


Here is a remarkable video of a swan strolling across a busy freeway oblivious to the oncoming traffic hurtling towards the graceful bird! This topic quickly became a very popular topic with online viewers everywhere!

A swan has somehow landed right in the center of a busy freeway with oncoming traffic only seconds away! The graceful bird begins to stroll across the road to safety as the driver of a large truck and the driver of a delivery van spot the slow moving bird and quickly reduce speed! This bird is absolutely in no hurry as it slowly moves toward the side of the road. The vehicles are now slowly moving towards the swan but appear very concerned about the bird. There are no horns used by any of the vehicles!

A Swan strolling down a busy city street.

The swan keeps walking at a slow and deliberate pace as one of the drivers start to become impatient and try to go around the bird even though there is almost no room to do so!

Finally, the swan reaches the edge of the freeway and safety! The traffic quickly resumes and it is hard to imagine what just happened!

The awareness and kindness of the drivers of these vehicles is to be commended! The beautiful bird could have been seriously injured without their driving skills and their compassion!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

source: YouTube


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