Watch Seven Doberman Puppies Eat Meals Together While Rotating!!!


What is this? Here is an amazing and unusual video of 7 Doberman puppies enjoy a meal together and these youngsters are perfectly behaved and always finish their meal at the same time!

What is unusual is that the puppies are continuously rotating as they eat their meals together!

Here are the seven Doberman puppies and they have gathered in front of some donut shaped eating bowls that contain plenty of the same food. On command, the hungry pups start to eat with gusto! And, the platform where they are eating starts to rotate!

Why is it necessary to rotate the puppies while they are eating at the same time? It appears to be a very controlled movement.

As the food gradually decreases, the rotation speed also decreases speed slowly to match the level of food left in their bowls.

When the puppies finish their meal, all of their bowls are completely empty!

The rotation of the platform seems to regulate the pace of eating of the puppies and since they all finish at the same time, there is no infighting for additional food. Though the system isn’t clearly explained, it really does appear to work!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below!

See Video Here

source: YouTube