Here are the Touching Images of a Homeless Cat Rescued in Japan!!!

It is said that stray or homeless animals have experienced hardship and are not the best candidates as a pet. However, here is a story of a homeless cat being rescued with a chance of a happy and healthy life with an owner!

Hina Kawasaki from Japan met a stray and homeless cat on her way home and decided to bring the animal home with her! Ms. Hina Kawasaki (@ Kawasaki_Hina) She will introduce the photographs and the story from that first encounter with that cat.

First encounter.

source: twitter @Kawasaki_Hina

Here is a photo of Ms. Kawasaki’s first encounter with the homeless cat on the street. The animal seemed to be appealing for help and assistance.

Somehow, it is a photograph that makes me want to cry.

Bringing the cat home.

source: twitter @Kawasaki_Hina
At her home, the cat seemed wary and clearly didn’t trust people.

Bring me in for 30 minutes.

source: twitter @Kawasaki_Hina
Kawasaki-san intended to bring the cat into her home for just 30 minutes but the cat seemed to relax in the new surroundings.

One hour Later.

source: twitter @Kawasaki_Hina
One hour later and the cat has clearly become more comfortable and seems right at home!

My cat’s name is “Vel”.

source: twitter @Kawasaki_Hina
Kawasaki-san kept the cat and one year later, they are fast friends! She named her cat “Vel” and this cat is feeling secure and happy in his new home with an owner who cares for him!

Vel is a really nice cat and her best friend!

source: twitter @Kawasaki_Hina