A Bizarre Fish with an Eaten Body was Caught Alive in New Jersey!!!

source: patch.com

Here is a fish with a strangely shaped body that is truly bizarre!

Despite its body being almost completely eaten away, this fish survived until it was caught alive by an angler in the state of New Jersey! This bizarre image captured the interest of online viewers everywhere!

Here is the image of the fish that was caught in Raritan Bay, New Jersey.

source: patch.com

source: patch.com

This fish was apparently attacked by another fish some time before and despite the large wound was able to survive showing amazing vitality!

There are many examples of wounded or damaged fish continuing to live for many months afterward so the ability of fish to survive and keep living is truly remarkable!

Please take a look at the extended video below.

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It’s unbelievable that this fish could survive such an attack!

source: patch.com