See the Precise Moment When a Black Hole Devours a Star on Video!!!


“What an amazing spectacle from outer space!”

Here is the precise moment when a large black hole eats a stars and emits a cosmic flare of ultraviolet rays and x-rays! This amazing scene has become a popular topic of discussion with many online viewers everywhere!

A black hole that swallows everything and everything. The moment when the black hole preyed the star and spit out a huge flare was observed by the wide area infrared exploration satellite of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

This image is an illustration created based on observational data and it is fantastic but horrible scene since black holes have the power to completely consume and destroy entire stars in seconds!



Such large black holes are believed to be so large that dwarf the mass and size of our sun by several million times so when a celestial body or star approaches a black hole, they are quickly swallowed by the tremendous gravitational forces and are literally ripped apart inside the black hole! When this occurs, the black hole emits a flare of ultraviolet rays and X rays as shown in the above image.

The universe is still unexplored so there could be many more amazing and mysterious phenomena such as black holes that are waiting to be discovered!