Watch a Funny Game of “Hide and Seek” With a Dog and His Owner!!!

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Here is an owner and her dog playing a game of hide-and-seek at their home and the owner has positioned herself behind the door and next to the wall of the room. As her dog begins to search for her, it is quite clear that this canine is not so skillful at this game!

Please watch this adorable and humorous scene of “hide and seek”!

The game of “Hide and Seek” begins!

Here is the dog’s owner standing by herself behind the door of one of the rooms in her house.

source: YouTube

Her dog suddenly rushes into the room in search of his owner!


Where is my owner?

The big dog clearly looks confused and has no idea even though the owner is nearby!

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As the dog continues his fruitless search, he visits the room again but still cannot discover the whereabouts of his owner!

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The dog doesn’t seem to have any idea!

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Finally, the dog notices his owner behind the door! That was an adorable scene!

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This dog loves this game but clearly isn’t that skillful at it!

Please take a look and enjoy the extended video below!

See Video Here

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What did you think?

This dog is so cute and yet so clumsy at this game!

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