Two Cute Dogs and a Super Cute Puppy Hanging Out and Being Hungry and Helpless!!!


Three adorable dogs are waiting to receive a snack from their owner. The smaller super cute puppy has evil intentions to steal the other dogs snacks right in front of them while on camera. This audacious behaviour by the smallest pooch is cute while the expressions of the other two dogs is so sad and adorable!

Dominant and Agressive Puppy Thief launches his attack.


The adult dog in the middle is about to lose his snack. What sad and beautiful eyes! 


The Aggressive Puppy takes the food of the dog on the left. A surprised and sad expression!


The Puppy takes the food snack to enjoy in private while the two dogs look on bewildered.


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The smallest dog turns out to be the most aggressive and the other two dogs are shocked and helpless to prevent it. Very Interesting Dog behaviour!

source: YouTube