An Amazing Motorcycle that Travels 500km Using Only 1 Liter of Water!?!


“A Motorcycle Running on Water” that can run 500km with one liter of water has become a hot topic with many viewers online.

Inventor Ricardo Azevedo from Brazil developed this technology. First, drinking water from the bottle is used, we show that it’s authentic water (to prove that it is not the other fuel!).

Add water to the motorcycle. By the way, it is also possible to use the water from sewage and rivers for fuel.

The motorcycle battery creates an electrical water as a fuel, and decomposes the water molecules into hydrogen. The energy created from this will ensure combustion in the engine.

Generates Power by Using Hydrogen Commercialization of “Fuel Cell Motorcycle” is expected in the Future.

In December 2014, Toyota Motor created a power generation system by reacting oxygen with hydrogen using fuel cell technology for both motorcycles and cars. Honda and Suzuki are also developing similar technologies.

An Eco-friendly motorbike that does not emit carbon dioxide for practical usage would be a tremendous development. Please watch the video!

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source: YouTube

source: Youtube