Watch an Unbelievable Video Featuring Amateurs Trying to Hit a Professional Boxer!!!


Here is a video that has to be seen to be believed. A professional boxer offers a unique challenge to strangers walking down the street to “try to hit me in the face as I will avoid all of your attempts”. Please watch this intriguing challenge as amateurs try to land a punch to the head against a professionally trained boxer! Although there may be a huge difference in ability and boxing skills between the boxer and these ordinary people, it is a very interesting situation to see!

The rules are very simple.

・The punch must be with the boxing glove.

・The punch must be directed to the face. (Punches to the body are not allowed in this challenge)

・The boxer will not retaliate or punch the other person.

See Video Here

Online Viewer Comments.

・This boxing professional has a lot of skill.
・Does he know martial arts as well as boxing?
・This guy is cool!
・These amateurs don’t seem to have any real boxing experience.

Look at the differences in stance between the boxing professional and the amateurs!

An attempted punch!

A punch is avoided!

Another punch is avoided!

One of the amateurs looks at the camera and says “OK. That’s enough!”

Even, a surprize trick punch is unsuccessful! What an impressive boxing demonstration on the skill of avoiding a punch!