A World Traveler Talks to Animals and Takes Adorable Selfie Photos!!!

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The man with the kangaroo is an adventurer from Ireland named Allan Dixon. He seems to understand the feelings of various creatures and somehow communicate with them as he has been able to take numerous “selfie” photos with these animals from all over the world! Many people believe that Allan is the modern day version of the famous fictional character called “Doctor Doolittle”!

Let’s look at some self-taken photos of Alan Dixon and various animals from around the world!

Husky dog.

source: Instagram

Alan and a husky dog open their mouths wide for the camera!

Cat with tongue sticking out.

Allan Dixon – Adventurer (@daxon) posted by

source: Instagram

This tongue sticking out pose is so cute!

An Emu.

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Alan’s left eye is positioned behind the glittering eyes of the Emu!

A Wallaby.

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That is a great smile by both animal and human!

A Duck.

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A duck sharing a piece of bread with Alan is a great photo moment!

A Chicken.

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A chicken is sitting on the top of Allan’s head!

A Cow.

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Allan gets a loving lick on the face from a young calf!

A Camel.

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It looks like a lot of fun!

What did you think?

Every animal had such a happy expression and also looked directly into the camera! Alan really does seem to have a natural rapport with these animals which is truly remarkable!

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