Watch a Surreal Wedding Between a Man and a Smartphone in Las Vegas!!!


Here is an unprecedented event! A man was recently married to a smartphone in a surreal and unusual wedding ceremony at a chapel in the city of Las Vegas which became a universally popular topic with online viewers everywhere!

Aaron Chavenak is an artist living in Los Angeles, California stated that “My beloved wife is this smartphone and we will always be together forever!” For some reason, this man had developed an unnaturally strong bond of affection with this device resembling love!

On May 20th, the artist traveled from Los Angeles to Las Vegas by himself and went directly to a wedding chapel that holds wedding ceremonies 24 hours a day!


The artist has a tense face before the wedding ceremony.

This unusual ceremony is watched by many curious onlookers.

He swears eternal love to his smartphone.

A wedding ring is exchanged during the ceremony as shown in the photo below.

There is a declaration of staying together forever unless he decides to change the model of his current smartphone!

Confused and Unhappy Banquet Staff.

This wedding ceremony was held in the “The Little Vegas Chapel” which is across from the “Stratosphere Hotel” and local staff were bewildered at the commotion of this strange wedding ceremony.Why is this guy getting married to a smartphone?”

Aaron was reportedly very happy after the ceremony though he will not receive a marriage license as traditional couples do after a marriage ceremony in the state of Nevada where the city of Las Vegas is located since both parties are required to sign the license!

What do you think?

I hope that this man will find happiness in the future with his special companion!

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source: YouTube