Witness a Cute Dog’s Remarkable Sleeping Posture in These Photos!!!

source: twitter
Here is a cute dog who is sleeping in a very strange and unusual sleeping posture that was posted by his owner who is also a Twitter user! @_kin_taro_” is this adorable pooch’s owner and the name of the dog is “Dan” with the “Daphnia sleeping posture”. The owner of this cute dog having a snooze decided to post these images on the social media network where it soon became a very popular topic of discussion with online viewers everywhere!

▼ A Huge favorite with online viewers.

This is such a cute photograph! And a clever name for this unusual sleeping posture!

▼ “Dan” appears to be comfortable and is sleeping deeply.

With the popularity of these photo triggered on Twitter, posts with hashtag “#Daphnia sleep” are increasing dramatically!

Sleeping daphnia postures of others online.

When searching with “#Daphnia sleeping”, many posts are revealed and everyone looks so cute!

“Daphnia sleep” seems to be surprisingly to many people since they all seem to be living with a pet!. Please post your images of the “daphnia sleeping posture” online so they can enjoyed online by everyone!

source: twitter kin / twitter(daphnia sleeping)