A 3-Year-Old Girl Demonstrates a “Lockdown Drill” to Escape Intruders!!!

source: boredpanda.com
Here are some images of a young girl standing on a toilet seat which were posted on Facebook by the girl’s mother and has quickly become a big topic of discussion with online viewers everywhere!

This picture was taken by Stacy Wehrman Feeley who is the CEO of child care goods company in Traverse City, Michigan in the United States. She thought that her 3-year-old daughter was standing on the toilet seat and playing around but was shocked from her daughter that the little girl was simulating a training technique that she had learned in kindergarten.

It was a simulation of a training technique.

At the kindergarten where her daughter had been attending, she and the other students had been taught a technique called a “lockdown drill” in which students prepare to evade an intruder who has entered their school! The little girl was instructed to stand up on the toilet seat so that she would be undetected if the intruder peeks from the bottom of the door, hold her breath and keep completely still. Also, she was instructed to practice these techniques at home!

▼ Ms. Wehrman Feeley posted these photos on her Facebook with a message addressed to politicians.

Society needs to change when your 3-year-old child must be trained in a lockdown drill in kindergarten? The issue of gun control is an issue that needs to be regulated in the United States but there seems to be some strange ideas about preventing violent crime and the use of guns and a parent’s point of view with a child and that gun control is essential. This post by Ms. Wehrman Feeley received a lot of empathy from online viewers from all over the world.

source: boredpanda.com / facebook / zasshi.news.yahoo.co.jp