See a Cool CG Dance Animation that Magically Transforms on the Screen!!!

source: YouTube
Using motion capture and 3DCG effectsto animate various things such as colorful furs, feathers, strings and so forth the “OFFICIAL 2016 AICP Sponsor Reel Director’s Cut – Method Design “ is simply amazing to see!

This is amazing!

Motion capture is added to the dancer’s movements with three-dimensional computer graphics (3DCG) providing various materials to the image! What fantastic technology!

▼ Here is the costumed dancer crawling on the floor.
source: YouTube

▼ An enormous golden animated dancer moves to the beat of the music!
source: YouTube

▼ Here is a dancer with a wildly colored costume crouched on the floor.
source: YouTube

Various kinds of dances are on display in the video.

▼ Some things other than CG can not be truly expressed!
source: YouTube

Please watch the colorful and exquisite dance crescendo on the extended videos on either YouTube or Vimeo below.

See Video Here

See Video Here

Motion capture and three-dimensional computer graphics technology allows anyone with the know-how to create an elaborate image that is almost impossible to distinguish from the real! I was surprised by the sophistication of the images.

source: / youtube