A Mysterious Purple LAN Cable is Covered in Filth with an Unknown Destination!!!

source: twitter
The Twitter user hageyamakun@RT380km posted these images of a mysterious strange phenomenon involving a purple LAN cable at someone’s home. hageyamakun@RT380km A purple LAN cable at someone’s home is wrapped in something that resembles filth!

What is the identity of a mysterious purple LAN cable?

There seems to be several mysterious cables not just a single one! This bunch of cables is simply a mess!
source: twitter
As you follow the purple cable, the final search reveals something unexpected!

The purple cable disappears into a strange shape of dirt and filth? What is this?
source: twitter
This purple cable isn’t a LAN cable at all! It’s a vine of a living plant that has somehow grown inside the house! How is this possible?

Finding this vine among your computer cables would be quite a shock! I hope that this vine can be re-planted outside where it belongs!

source: twitter