A Traveler’s Instagram’s Messages to His Mother from Around the World!!!

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Here is a photograph of young man with a group of beautiful women at a beautiful tropical destination. His name is “Jonathan Quinones” and his full-time occupation is a “traveler”. He was originally a model working in Brussels but quit his job and chose to become a traveler traveling all around the world!

Traveling the world is a lot of fun and full of adventure but Jonathan’s parents often worry about their son as they are never certain where he as his travels keeps him constantly on the move! To reduce their stress and concerns, Jonathan decided to post photographs of himself on Instagram along with a short message for his parents. The convenience of social media allows this traveler to communicate with his parents anywhere in the world!

A mother’s concern for his son.

Here is Jonathan in Colombia with a TV reporter and his message. “Mother, I am fine”.
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Here is Jonathan with a group of policemen in Columbia. “Mother, I’m fine” Is he really?
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Even while kayaking on a beautiful sea, Jonathan send his message of “Mother, I am fine”.
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Here is Jonathan learning how to dance the “salsa” with a beautiful woman in Cuba. “Mother, I am fine”.
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In colorful Columbia. “Mother, I’m fine”.
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Even while scuba diving in front of sunken ship, Jonathan still sends his message to his mother.
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Colombia is such a beautiful country! “Mum, I’m fine.”
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Here is Jonathan in beautiful Panama.”Mom, I’m fine.”
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Here is his message to his mother that was written on a stone in Costa Rica. “Mother, I am fine”.
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From the top of a bridge. “Mother, I am fine”.
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“Mother, I am fine” is expressed while Jonathan is hitchhiking!
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He soon escaped from this close encounter with these crocodiles! “Mother, I am fine”
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While skydiving, Jonathan wrote his message on his hands! “Mum, I’m fine.”
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“Jonathan” is from Mexico and in Latin culture, it is customary for children contact their mothers and let them know that they are safe and doing well. By choosing Instagram as a means to do that, this nomadic traveler can communicate with his concerned mother as often as he wants!

“Jonathan” Instagram Account

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