A Comical Scene Ensues When Two Men Wearing Only Towels Trying to Scale a Roof!!!

source: YouTube
Here are two young adult males in a comical video that ends in disaster! As one man tries to clamber up the roof of a small hut next to a lake his partner attempts to push him up to the top. When the towel of one man starts to slowly slides off all pandemonium takes place! What is about to happen? Please watch the video and enjoy the outcome!

Here are the Results of a Practical Joke Gone Wrong!

This manuever looks dangerous!
source: YouTube

This is such an animated and humorous scene!
source: YouTube
What a foolish attempt!

After an eternity, the man slowly tumbles into the water!
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source: YouTube
The actual impact looks quite painful so I hope that the young man is ok.

This video is so much fun to watch and is simply hilarious!

See Video Here

Such a comical scene as these two guys make one mistake after another until the one guy slides off the roof and into the water!

source: youtube