Enjoy Watching the Troublesome Antics of Two Adorable Baby Pandas in China!!!

Baby pandas are simply adorable to watch! However, these “naughty youngsters” also enjoy indulging in mischievous and naughty behavior! Please watch their playful antics in the video below.

A zookeeper trying clean up is bothered by these baby pandas.

Here are the baby panda knocking over the basket that was just filled by the keeper!
source: YouTube

They really seem to enjoy trying to tip over this basket and making a mess!
source: YouTube

Oh No!
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source: YouTube

The keeper tries to prevent a bigger mess from being made!
source: YouTube

These panda love to get into trouble! What a mess they are making!

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What did you think?

These two baby pandas really enjoy getting into mischief but they are just so cute and adorable nonetheless!

source: youtube