Enjoy These Images of a 182-Year-Old Giant Tortoise Which is the Oldest in the World!!!


Here is a photo of a giant tortoise named “Jonathan”. He is said to be the world’s oldest lving organism in existence. This tortoise is 182 years old!

Please take a look at the following photos.

Here is a photo of “Jonathan” taken in 1902 on St. Helena Island when he was already 20 years old and had been born in 1882! This tortoise had nearly reached adult size by this time.It is said that it takes approximately 50 years for this species of tortoise to reach maturity so it is fair to estimate that “Jonathan” could have been born in 1832! This would make “Jonathan” the world’s oldest living primate!

This giant tortoise has been loved the inhabitants of St. Helena Island for a long time.




This is an amazing animal! Everyone appears to love this giant tortoise and I hope that “Jonathan” will live a much longer and happier life for many years to come!

source: boredpanda.com

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