This Intelligence Test on Facebook is Challenging and Confounding People Worldwide!!!

This challenging mathematics problem and intelligence test that was posted on Facebook recently that is challenging and confounding people worldwide!

Do you have an intellectual quotient (IQ) of 150?

This formula is considered so challenging that is believed that people with an intellectual quotient (IQ) of 150 would be able to solve this problem so please try to find the solution!

▼ Here is the problem.
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The problem is “? + ?? = 123” and the challenge is to find the numbers that make up this formula! Do you know the solution?

Here is the commentary with the answer below:

1. Consider the formula!
Take a look at the image below.
As you can see, the “=” number is divided into two blocks, you can discover this formula!

The blue portion of the image highlights the numbers after the “=”, along with the numbers obtained by adding up the numbers of the formulas, along with green part of the first half of the image of numbers obtained by subtracting the number of the formulas.

Using X and Y will be used to explain the formula.
source: YouTube
If follow this formula, you will be able to solve the problem of “X + Y = 123”

X + Y = 23 and X-Y = 1

Let’s try to solve this as a “simultaneous equation”. When considered in the addition and subtraction method of simultaneous equations, adding the two equations such as (X+X)(Y-Y)=(23+1)and
2X=24. The formula therefore consists of X=12.

X-Y=1 and X=12

12-Y=1 and Y=11

Therefore, the answer is 12+11=123! If you were able to guess the correct answer then congratulations! If people with an IQ of 150 actually challenged this problem, they would understand the possibility that this formula is correct!

12+11=123 is the answer though some people have claimed there are actually variations to this answer!

The answer looks like the image below!
source: YouTube
Were you able to solve this problem?

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What did you think?

If you were able to solve this challenge, you may actually have the intellectual quotient (IQ) of 150 which would qualify you as a genius!

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