See a Stunning Video of the Aurora Borealis Taken from the International Space Station!!!


Here is a spectacular video with the latest technology which was taken from the International Space Station (ISS) high above the earth and was recently released online for public viewing by NASA. These stunning images of the Aurora Borealis taken from space has become a very popular topic with online viewers everywhere!

The video was published on YouTube and uses a time-lapse video technique by connecting the high-resolution photographs taken from the ISS. You can see amazingly clear and vivid images of the “northern lights” and the beauty of the earth below!


The vivid colors of these “northern lights” is mesmerizing.

Please take a look here at the following video and see the various colors and light flashes!

The International Space Station (ISS) can be seen with the Aurora Borealis in this video.

The grandeur and beauty of space and the colors of the Aurora is fascinating to see!

In addition, here is an extended video of the spectacular beauty of the Aurora Borealis and the earth at night from space. Please take a look and enjoy!

See Video Here

source: YouTube