A Tiny Chihuahua Provides a Delightful Addition to Some Cardboard Images!!!

source: twitter
Hmm? What is this? This photo features a tiny chihuahua’s nose within a cardboard image of a bigger dog! These adorable and unique visual combinations have recently became a huge hit with many viewers on the social media network (SNS) of Twitter!@myouonnin“Many photos of this tiny dog and these various cardboard shapes were posted on Twitter and they are so adorable and cute!

Here is a cardboard image of a famous image created by the Japanese artist named Ashiyukisaku Nagasawa which is titled “White Elephant Black Cow Figure Screen”.The eyes of a cute white dog make this cardboard image simply delightful!

▼ Here is the “White Elephant Black Cow Figure Screen” Ashiyukisaku Nagasawa.
source: twitter

This Cardboard Image with the Chihuahua is So Cute and Lovely!

Nose only live-action!

The tiny dog’s face makes this cardboard image a delight to look at!

Here is the chihuahua as a cardboard cat and as a cardboard raccoon?

What a tiny and cute dog! These cardboard images are brought to life with the cute chihuahua! See more photos of this delightful dog at this Twitter account.”@myouonnin” Please take a look here on Twitter.

@myouonnin Mr. Twitter website link.

source: twitter