See a Wonderful Video of a Series of Kind Gestures By Junior High School Students!!!

source: YouTube
A small boy who was victimized by another student responds with kindness instead which leads to series of thoughtful gestures that are so heartwarming to see.
The Great Kindness Challenge is a project created by a group of junior high school students in the United States that encourages a video competition in which “humanity and kindness” are emphasized.

A Video About The Kindness of Junior High School Students.

In a school corridor, a small boy is pushed down by another student.
source: YouTube

However, the small boy responds by helping a female student who had dropped his books on the floor.
source: YouTube

Later, the girl rushes to open the door of a classroom for another student who is in a wheelchair.
source: YouTube
A simple kindness generates more expressions of compassion that is simply inspiring to see!

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This video was inspired by the young boy who was featured in these events of kindness and compassion with his fellow junior high school students. His Twitter handle is “Daniel Tweedy”.

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