The Ear of Vincent Van Gogh Reproduced By the Miracle of DNA and Cloning Science!!!


Here is the reproduction and cloning of the ear of the celebrated artist Vincent Van Gogh that has been created using the last cloning technology using the actual DNA of Van Gogh called “Sugababe”! This situation has generated a huge buzz of excitement and curiosity with online viewers worldwide!


Vincent Van Gogh is a universally renowned painter for a number of artistic masterpieces and is also notorious for cutting off his own ear in a moment of madness! This ear has been replicated using DNA from one of the artists descendants and was named “Sugababe” in this experiment.


Artificial cartilage along with the DNA miraculously recreates a replica of Van Gogh’s ear which also is able to move and hear sounds through the stimulation of a “nerve pulse” of electrical signals!

This device is simply astounding!

Talking into this device shown here creates a “pseudo sound” which the generates the nerve pulse.

This reproduction has created a lot controversy and there are many people who question whether this experiment really has any connection to the long dead artist at all but it is fascinating to contemplate whether this ear can hear sounds in the same way that Van Gogh could when he was alive!

“Sugababe” is a fusion of art and science that creates many more questions about how to use the awesome power of DNA cloning science and technology within ethical and moral standards acceptable within today’s society.

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