“The Life of the Flower Project” is a Controversial Method of Creating Life from Death in Japan!!!


“Killing animals and adding their crushed bones into the soil to grown flowers is an unusual activity partaken by high school students that has become known as the “life of the flower project” in Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan and has created a lot of empathy all over Japan.


Approximately 2,000 or more dogs and cats have been put down annually in the prefecture since 2012 and high school students from various schools in the region since 2012 have been visiting the facility where the students are exposed its gruesome activities and participate in the mixing the crushed animal bones into soil that is later is used to grow flowers. It is a renewal project that weighs heavily on the teenagers.

(Below are some excerpts from movies shot at the facility at that time)

Here is a visit to the facility where the animal deaths take place.

Here are the haunting eyes of the animals who are about to be put down.

The deceased animals are incinerated and their remains are gathered in large bags at the facility. Until recently, these remains would have been discarded as waste. When some students who visited the facility heard about this during their visit to the facility they were motivated to create some type of legacy project that would give some kind of meaning to this questionable activity.“The baked bones would be reunited with the soil and this would be used to create life.”

If, If you love me their owners until the end, dogs are made in the bone in such a form, it was not to be a waste. The truth is this facility, you do not need!

“The Life of the Flower Project.”

The “life of the flower project” combines the crushed bones of slaughtered dogs and cats with soil that is later used to grow flowers. The current policy of culling abandoned and homeless animals in Aomori Prefecture in Japan is a controversial issue as long as it continues though more people in Japan are now aware of this activity than ever before.

The bone fragments from the facility are crushed with bricks by the teary-eyed students as they contemplate the tragic ending of these pets that were abandoned or homeless that met such a terrible fate.


The soil and remains are mixed together.

Students nurture and grow the flowers.

Every single flower carries the spirits of these animals and hopefully a cycle of death and life is completed with the thoughtful project by this dedicated group of Japanese teenagers in northern Japan.

In the process to continue on such a project, the students were forced seriously contemplate about the preciousness of life and the consideration for the spirits of these animals who continue to live on in these beautiful flowers.

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source: http://www.sanbongi-ah.asn.ed.jp / www.youtube.com