Watch a Clever Crow Perform in a Controlled Experiment at a Highly Intelligent Level!!!

karasu A
Here is a very interesting experiment involving one of the most intelligent animals in the world which is the clever crow and this bird’s intelligence and high problem solving ability is highlighted in this experiment.

Here is a video of the experiment that will test the problem solving skills of the crow.

Three tubes of water have been placed in front of the crow with the tube in the middle containing the bait. The left and right tubes have been designated as blue and red. The cognitive challenge for the crow is to place stones in correct tube so that the water level of central tube rises allowing the bird to access the bait.

k red
Here is the start of the experiment, in which the crow’s problem solving skills are challenged by making the correct choices in raising the water level of the central tube so that the bait in the middle tube slowly rises toward the top.

k blue
As the crow drops a stone into the blue tube, the water level does not change.

k kotae
The crow then drops a stone into the red tube. Then, another stone!

The crow is able to obtain the bait from the middle tube!

Based on the results of the experiment, this particular species of crow appears to have the problem solving skills of a 20-year-old adult person!

The crow is indeed a clever bird!

Please watch the extended video of this experiment along with some other tests of the bird’s intelligence below!

See Video Here

source: youtube / / POLS