Here are 8 Amazing and Astonishing Health Benefits for Drinking Wine on a Daily Basis!!!


It is said that “A glass of wine” every day is good for one’s health so here are eight amazing health benefits of daily wine consumption are introduced and explained.

1. A glass of red wine = 1 hour of exercise.
A glass of red wine glass provides the same effect as exercising for one hour. Red wine contains an antioxidant called “resveratrol” that has said to increase basal metabolism.


2. Flavonoids prevent bad breath.
Red wine contains flavonoid polyphenols that are known to suppress the breeding of bacteria in the mouth which leads to bad breath!

3. White wine relieves allergy symptoms!
Sauvignon Blanc is a type of white wine that contains a compound that has the same effect as antihistamines in reducing allergy symptoms such as hay fever!

4. Wine consumption helps to prevent heart disease!
Antioxidants contained in wine are said to be effective in the prevention of heart disease based on a daily intake of a single glass every day.

5. Wine consumption increases the levels of good cholesterol.
Drinking wine on a daily basis helps to increase the amount of good cholesterol in the body (HDL) by 5-15%.

6. Daily wine consumption improves memory?
In a survey conducted by Dr. Ted Goldfinger of the University of Arizona found that women who drink wine on a daily basis tended to score high on memory tests compared to those women who didn’t.

7. Regular wine consumption reduces the risk of infection and prevents food poisoning.
A glass of wine every appears to reduce the risks of infection by up to 11% and prevents certain types of food poisoning such as salmonella as well as other ailments which include gastritis and gastric ulcers.

8. Bone density increases with daily wine consumption.
Wine contains natural compounds called “phytochemicals” which are believed to help with the prevention of osteroporosis while increasing bone density.

It is important to remember that drinking in moderation is essential to receive these health benefits of consuming wine on a daily basis!