Watch a Car on the Verge of Falling into the Sea Be Rescued by a Crowd of Local People!!!


Here is a car precariously perched on a ledge and is clearly on the verge of falling into the sea and rocks below! This story thread was first posted on the online bulletin board Reddit and it soon became a hot topic of discussion!

This extraordinary scene recently took place in Istanbul, Turkey and this automobile had been unwittingly driven to this position by a tourist. It appears that the car is likely to fall into the harbor below but a gathering of local people step and attempt to save the car! Numerous people sit on the hood of the car to balance it on the ledge and prevent any further movement which could prove disastrous!

This situation apparently continued for a period of time as people took turns sitting on the hood of the car to maintain its position on the ledge!


A rescue team later arrived at the scene and the car was eventually saved! This group of local people in Turkey should be recognized and praised for their efforts in preventing such a mishap from taking place!