See a High Speed Accident at an Amusement Park Ride Which Leaves People Spinning!!!


Here is an amusement park ride featuring some spinning ducks that totally surprized and overwhelmed a couple of young men with the frantic spinning of the adorable yellow duck! Please take a look at the shocking images and video that became a popular topic of discussion with online viewers!

Two men appear intent on challenging the high-speed rotation of these cute yellow ducks! They are in for a very big shock!

As the ride begins to pick up speed and rotate faster, the look on the young men’s face are filled with fear!

One of men’s leg is pinned against the steel gate of the attraction!


The duck is lurching and spinning at a very high speed and the two men look totally helpless and completely terrified!

The expressions on both of their faces is one of total shock and disbelief! What the hell just happened?

It takes quite a while for both of the men to regain their composure!

Once the duck has completed its journey, the two men are unable to stand up due to extreme dizziness!

See Video Here

source: YouTube