A Camera That was Launched into Space was Accidentally Discovered Two Years Later!!!


A small camera that was launched into space and went missing and presumed lost forever was recently discovered by chance after almost two years! And, the most astonishing aspect of this unlikely story was that an incredible image of the earth as seen from the stratosphere was recovered from the camera!

A miraculous chain of events.

Students of Stanford University launched a trial balloon fitted with a miniature camera and communications equipment but just 87 minutes later, the trial balloon exploded nearly 30 kilometers above the earth! The camera and communications equipment were believed to have been lost in the ballon explosion!

However, the missing camera was actually discovered nearly two years later by a woman in the middle of the desert in southwestern Arizona. The woman was able to identify the camera and return it to Stanford University and the students!

Here is the camera that had been launched into space.

Based on various calculations, the students believed that they would be able to locate the missing camera!

Here is the trial balloon at the time of the launch.

The trial balloon continues to rise into the upper atmosphere and the video image is surprisingly sharp and clear!

Here is an image taken by the camera of the Grand Canyon from the stratosphere! It is truly a majestic sight from the edge of space!

However, the balloon exploded when it reached an altitude of 30 kilometers above the earth.

This camera and communication equipment had GPS location technology but wasn’t operating after the explosion in space so it was extremely fortunate that the camera was discovered by accident!

This camera was able to provide some spectacular images of the earth that can be enjoyed by everyone!

Please watch this amazing video and enjoy the fantastic images of the earth!

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source: YouTube

source: www.youtube.com / www.nytimes.com