A Recent Experiment Estimated that About 97% of All Worker Ants are Actually Lazy!!!

source: www.siruzou.jp

Worker ants have an image of working hard and working effectively all of the time. However, a recent study uncovered that about 97 percent of the worker ants were actually lazy! Here are the results of this experiment and its surprising findings!

Researchers gather the data of their research by observing the behavior of worker ants living in a North American forest over a period of two weeks using time-lapse photography with a high-definition camera. Selected ants for the experiment were marked with special paint to distinguish them from their peers for this experiment!

Per day, the ants of the ecology of 5 minutes a total of six times observed.

Per day, we observed the results were aggregated the ant ecology of 5 minutes 6 times in total 71.9% of the ants are lazy half of the time, further 25.1 percent of the ants is that did not work at all.

source: news.sciencemag.org

However, even ants that does not seem to anything if you look from Hata, because really there is some kind of role, dare or not in that way, or, or not the ant still too young to work older ants and? It seems speculation has also been such.

source: aiaicamera.seesaa.net

This law is also true in human beings?

Ali of the law, it also or is said to be true in human society. When the “2: 6 2 of the law” and as an example, that about 20% of the population takes the leadership to take the lead, on the order of 60% of people are allowed to up the motivation and hung on the leader, it will not work the rest of the 20% Thing. By the way, here as well as the removal of the 20% of the lazy, is called will not work or 20% of the newly organized population.

It seems the worker ants display many of the same characteristics as members in the human population!

What do you think?

source: news.sciencemag.org/plants-animals / www.siruzou.jp