See a 6-Second Video of a Startled Cat Jumping Away from a Tumbling Toddler!!!


Here is a short but delightful video of a small child and cat and an accidental stumble by the baby that almost results in a painful collision between human and animal! The spectacular jump by this startled kitty has become a huge topic of discussion online with viewers worldwide!

Here is the infant wandering around the room while the cat is relaxing nearby on a cushion. What happens next is unexpected!


The baby stumbles and falls down on his derriere on the sofa! The startled cat frantically jumps out of the way of the tumbling toddler! The ability of the cat to jump up and away from danger is simply astonishing!

The toddler also appears to be surprized by the fast moving feline!

This video is only 6 seconds long but please take a look and watch the spectacular movement and jump by the surprized kitty! It is an awesome display!

See Video Here

source: YouTube