See This Adorable Life-Sized Dog Scratch-Post for Claw Sharpening Cats!!!

Every owner who has a cat is faced with the challenge of preventing their pet feline sharpening their claws on furniture, carpets and the walls of their homes and causing irreparable damage. A scratch-post is common device that is placed in a house so the cat can sharpen their claws without creating any damage so the unique scratch-post is sure to garner a lot of attention since it is shaped like a “life-sized dog”! This “scratching dog” is certain to be a hit with your cat!

First Encounter of a Life-Sized Dog Scratch-Post.

▼A cat encounters the “scratch-post dog” for the first time.
source: YouTube

▼ This jumps on top of the dog scratch-post.
source: YouTube
I wonder if I liked?

▼ This cat loves his new scratch-post!
source: YouTube

▼ Look! Here is the black cat scratching his claws!
source: YouTube
source: YouTube
source: YouTube
It is interesting to see just how many types of postures of how a cat sharpens his claws. This scratching post looks to be very effective!

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