See a Frozen Cat Recover to Complete Health in this Dramatic and Inspiring Video!!!


A Cat was found motionless and unconscious and appeared to have frozen to death!”Here is the remarkable video that chronicled the rescue and eventual recovery of this feline back to life!

This incident occurred in the city of Denver Colorado in the United States which had been recently struck by record cold temperatures. The cat was discovered lying outside a doorway of a house and was almost frozen solid!


The residents of the house brought the animal inside to try to revive him and placed in a warm bath and also given a warm shower in order to revive the motionless feline. After an extended time of no reaction, the cat opened his eyes! It was a miraculous recovery from the brink of death!

The cat’s body was dried and then wrapped in blankets to raise its body temperature. The cat’s limp body gradually returned to normal.

Suddenly, The cat began to squeal and “meow” and continued to regain movement of its limbs.

The cat was dehydrated and drank a lot of water.

Later on, the cat completely recovered without suffering the side effects of its traumatic ordeal and close brush with death!

The cat’s will to survive along with the care and support of the people residing in the house was able to somehow nurse the animal back to full health!

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source: YouTube