A Mother Cat Allows Her Cute Kittens to Play with a Dog in this Delightful Video!!!


Here is a mother cat with her kittens along an adult dog who is so gentle and kind toward the infant cats! Please watch and enjoy the video that highlights this remarkable relationship!

A mother cat and her kittens strolls over to the dog and introduces her children to the friendly canine!♪

The mother cat then proceeds to sit down and relax while the kittens have some fun playing with the dog!

What a friendly and heartwarming scene!♪

The dog treats these tiny kittens like they are puppies!

After the kittens leave, the dog and the mother cat share a moment of fun with each other! What a unique situation!

It is a remarkable scene to see a mother allowing her infant kittens play with such a large dog! There is clearly a strong bond of mutual trust between the cat and the dog!

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source: YouTube

source: www.youtube.com