Animal Babies Experience an Attack of the Uncontrollable “Hiccups” in this Delightful Video!!!

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Everyone has experienced the hiccups and are aware just how impossible they are to control once they begin. Did you know that some animals also experience the hiccups just like you and me?

Here are some animal infants who experience the hiccups and appear confused and anxious that they have no control of this condition that have been captured on video. Please enjoy this spectacle of these 3 types of young animals who have the hiccups captured on video.

The Hiccups of a Kitten.

This cute kitty seems to hiccup with a steady rhythm while sitting and waiting patiently for the attack to stop.

The Hiccups of a Youthful Golden Retriever.

This adorable puppy seems to be quite anxious about getting the hiccups and is unsure about how to act or what to do. Be patient!

The Hiccups of a Young Wolf Cub.

Here is a young wolf cub that is experiencing the hiccups and has a surprized reaction while looking hopeful that this attack will stop sooner rather than later.

Cute ♡.