Can you See the True Photo of Jupiter’s Moon or the Bottom of a Frying Pan???


At first glance, these photos appear to be planets or satellite photos but in fact some of these photos are in fact, the bottom of the frying pan. There is only one photo that actually contains a planet, “Jupiter’s satellite moon”. Let’s take a look at this photo!


The satellite moon of Jupiter is called Europa and there is a photo hidden among the above images. Europa is equal to or greater than the size of the Earth. As mentioned before, the other photos are indeed, the bottom of frying pans. Are you able to identify the actual photo of Europa? Please scroll slowly among the images and try to find the hidden image. The answers are listed at the bottom.

The answer is here!

The answer is No. “4”.


How did you do? Were you able to identify the photo of Europa? By the way, I did not know at all.

Anyway, the bottoms of the frying pan looks awfully similar to planets or moons in outer space. I hope you enjoyed this visual challenge….

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