Watch a Giant Eagle Attack a Flying Drone as it flies over the Wilds of Australia?!!

While a video was being taken by a remote controlled flying drone over the wilds of Australia it was suddenly attacked by a “Long-tailed Sea Eagle” that has wing span of over 2 meters in width. The predator mistook the drone for prey and attacked it.

Please see the force of the moving image in the video below.

See Video Here

It is difficult to understand the series of events leading up to the attack if you do not look carefully!

Here is the Steller’s Sea Eagle flying straight toward the drone.


This eagle is fast and big!  And it appears to attack the drone in order to protect it’s territory. The eagle thinks the drone is a rival eagle by mistake and collides with the drone with devastating impact!

And, the drone crashes into the forest seriously damaged from the eagle attack…


In fact, did you notice the sea eagle in the first image? This time, I was aiming the drone directly at it this time!

Let’s stop flying drones into territory that has large of the birds of prey!

source: YouTube