A Customised Cat Laptop Computer is an An Amazing Technology Breakthrough!!!

source: gizmodo.com

A cat-only PC laptop was released in the United Kingdom. Its name is the “Cat Scratch Laptop”.

A Dedicated Laptop and Unique Features designed just for Cats!

Here are some of the unique features of the “Cat Scratch Laptop”.

source: gizmodo.com

A Scratching keyboard.

This will save other areas in the house!

A Mouse-shaped mouse.

Cats will be motivated to use the computer often with this mouse!

Fish and other stylish designed stickers affixed on the laptop.

Cats will love this food theme design!

Freely Changeable Display (Screen).

A picture-story show and favourite photographs is a good idea.

Safety and security of cardboard design.

Remember it is not a real computer!

A Cat dedicated PC laptop is likely being sold in the UK , Do you think it will be popular and a best seller?

source: uk.com / gizmodo.com

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