Walking the Tightrope with No Safety Rope is an Amazingly Dangerous Activity!!!


Spencer Seabrook’s (from Vancouver, Canada) tightrope across the cliff video has become a hot topic online with thousands of viewers!

The length of the rope installed on the cliff is about 64 meters in width and about 290 meters in height.


Before starting, Spencer quietly prepares his mind in silence. There is no safety rope.


He begins to cross on the tightrope.


Suddenly, he loses balance and almost falls. He is able to recover!!


He regains his composure and continues moving forward toward the other side. It looks cold!


By the way, the view from above was captured by a drone. This is a very frightening view!!


And, finally….

He safely arrives on the other side! What an accomplishment!!


In the video, you can hear his breathing at the time of crossing on the tightrope. also, you can hear his screaming in order to inspire yourselves or from too much fear or sense of urgency has been captured on the video. Upon completion, the roars and cheers of supporters and onlookers can be clearly heard.

By the way, this “slack line walk” tightrope (of 64 meters) appears to have been a new world record by about seven meters at the time of this challenge!

Congratulations Spencer! It was really good that you were unharmed.

See Video Here

source: YouTube

Source: www.youtube.com