A Combination of Clouds and Light Creates a Unique and Beautiful Phenomena!!!

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A combination of the clouds and “light, such as the rainbow” is “like a feather pen” making it a hot topic in Twitter!

source: twitter.com

It is very fantastic sight! If it is a quill pen, it would be visible!

Why does such a phenomenon occur?

The Phenomenon of “Ring Horizontal Arc”.

This phenomenon seems to be what is referred to as “ring horizontal (End sailor) arc”. A kind of atmospheric optical phenomenon, that band of rainbow colours of light can be seen in a thin cloud of the horizon of under 46 degrees of the sun. A Horizontal arc, it is so also called a horizontal ring. This is like the ones occurring refracted the ice crystals to sunlight in the air, it is said sun altitude only appears when it is above 58 degrees.

Somehow, it sounds like a very rare phenomenon!

Other Unusual Phenomenon.

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Red Rainbow

As seen at the time of sunrise and sunset time. A phenomenon of reflection and refraction by water droplets in the atmosphere removes the blue light, leaving only the light of red and orange.
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Fire Rainbow

Located amongst the cirrus clouds at a height of 6km. The elevation angle of sunlight is 68 degrees by 58 degrees.
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Many of the phenomena that can occur when various conditions are overlapped …. Phenomenon that has not been seen yet may just appear out of nowhere!

source: twitter.com / ja.wikipedia.rg / www.tommyjp.com