Owner Carries His Dog almost 100 kilometers to the Hospital Save His Pet is Amazing and Inspirational!!!

source: barkpost.com

Wayne Best completed a long and difficult journey to the hospital in order to save his dog named Chocolate which was attacked by a crocodile. He carried his dog and walked and traveled 96 kilometers over difficult terrain and roads over a 2 day period to reach a hospital and save his pet. This act of bravery and dedication created a lot of buzz with online viewers all over the world!

Help Chocolate and 96km to the Hospital

It was a moment of events. When I noticed the Chocolate was bitten by a crocodile, it dragged the dog into the water and I thought there was nothing that I could do but Chocolate kept struggling so I jumped into and pulled her out. Chocolate had been wounded by the crocodile’s bite and she needed emergency medical treatment. We were very isolated and I needed to somehow reach a hospital as quickly as possible. I picked her up and started walking while carrying Chocolate in my arms. After almost 2 days of walking, I finally reached a highway and could hitchhike a ride to a hospital. to walk the road of 96 km


Chocolate at the hospital while being treated for her wound

fd0812003source: barkpost.com

One Million Kilometers.

Chocolate needed major surgery but she survived and could fully recover her health. Wayne said “Chocolate is part of my family and my very best friend so I would have done anything to help her so walking 96 km to a hospital is not that important if  I could save her. Even if I was told that I would have to walk 1 million kilometers, I would do it. Here is how Wayne carried Chocolate to safety. source:

It was really good that Chocolate could survive and recover. And I was impressed with the owner who had such dedication toward his pet.

source: barkpost.com