The Heartbreaking Story of a Puppy walking free for the first time in 12 years!!!


Many puppies are shown confined in 12 long and narrow cages along with a video of a dog, which has been kept alive only for breeding is shown walking on natural ground for the first time ever after a lifetime of living in a cage.

These animals are products of “Puppy Factories” called Papimiru in Japanese …

The name of the dog in the above is Lizzie. In these “puppy factories” these dogs are illegally bred in narrow cages and their puppies are sold on to pet shops for a profit (without understanding the breed characteristics, without proper hygiene and without proper living conditions. pafaea

Since the puppies are bred for profit only, there is every attempt to reduce costs and increase the profit margin so the animals basic rights is seriously compromised. In addition, when the business conditions of the “Papimiru” deteriorates, the animals are either abandoned or are killed.

Adoption in a Family with love.

Lizzie was rescued by the American animal protection organization called the “National Mill Dog Rescue”, and was adopted by a loving family. This photo is Lizzie touching the ground for the first time in her life. She appears surprized, curious and quite nervous as the frail dog with only one eye explores this new sensation. It is enough to break your heart.

For 12 years, Lizzie was living in a poor environment and her left eye was badly infected and it was necessary to have it surgically removed. These days, Lizzie is living a much happier by receiving the love’s owner now on a daily basis.

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source: YouTube

source: Youtube