A Fantastic Exercise for Poor Posture that You Can Do Easily Every Day!!!


Research has shown that the spine will continue to decline gradually with age and the decrease of back strength leads to poor posture which is thought to exert a variety of adverse effects on the body.

There are various ways to train the back muscles, but it does not have any effect unless they are continued on a regular basis. Here are some methods that can be easily completed that will ease poor back posture that does not require difficult or painful stretching as shown See on this link here.  Poor Body Posture
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(Exercise Work on the Muscles of the Spine and the Thigh)

1. Stomach should be facing and prone to the floor.

2. Move your upper body Slowly until it reasonable limit for you, squeeze your Buttocks and Maintain your pelvis on the floor.

3. Arms should at your sides with hands relaxed and extended.

4. After moving the top of your motion, relax and move back down to the original position on the floor. Try to repeat this movement Between 4 and 10 times comfortably.

* Starting with about 10 times, then try to increase the number of times little by little every day based on a reasonable pace for yourself. However, to the extent reasonable. Let’s try and keep the spine that was pin tempered the spine!

source: higherperspectives.com/