A Message from Mom in Heaven Makes this Wedding a Heartfelt and Inspiring Event!!!


Atsushi-san and Nozomi Okamoto were married on October 12, 2013 and here is their touching story of the dramatic events that made this a very memorable event.

A Tragedy 2 months before the Wedding,

Nozomi’s mother had hospitalised with terminal cancer and would end up dying two months before the wedding. “I want to get married with my mother was Nozomi’s strongest wish.” So, it was decided to have a special ceremony in the mother’s room in the hospital so that Nozomi’s dream could come true and make her mother happy.

Give to the mother of illness, a surprise wedding in the hospital room.

The wedding in the hospital room was prepared in secret and it produced a very happy occasion with tears of joy as shown here.

Nozomi’s mother giving her regards and her daughter’s hand in marriage to Atsushi at the special wedding ceremony in the hospital.

Nozomi’s mother signing the marriage certificate.


Her Mother’s Message arrived from Heaven at the Wedding Ceremony.

On the day of the actual ceremony, a big surprise occurred that Atsushi and Nozomi did not suspect. A secret video message had been prepared by Nozomi’s mother and was shown during the actual wedding as they were walking up the aisle. It was so beautiful and inspirational for all those who attended.


A video message from Nozomi’s mother at the ceremony.

I will keep going supported by a variety of people and inspired by the special love of these two lovely people. I appreciate this moment so much and the words are overflowing but all I can say is “thank you” and wish that they will have a healthy and happy home. I am really full of gratitude now. I am very happy.


Nozomi’s greatest wish came true, her mother attended her wedding with a special message from heaven.


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